Custom Clearance

Customs clearance service is provided by corporate logistics and customs clearance companies to ensure a smooth entry and exit process when importing and exporting through each state's own customs zones. In each country with active commercial activities, there are certain laws, conditions and procedures on customs. It is imperative that individuals or institutions comply with these customs rules in order to realize a smooth import and export . 

At this point, the customs clearance service completes all official transactions and payments to be made and makes the products and goods ready to obtain "Import customs clearance". A mistake in the entry and exit of products into the countries can cause the whole process to come to a problematic level. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to work with professional institutions and organizations on customs clearance. 

XX Customs Clearance Company can be preferred for imports and exports to be made with the leadership of the sector it holds for customs clearance service.  In order to complete the customs clearance process successfully, the customs clearance stages that must be followed with a professional customs clearance service are as follows. 

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Customs Clearance Stages

Professional persons and institutions to be provided with customs clearance services guide the companies and complete the necessary procedures. Although the customs clearance stages can be complex and sometimes challenging, it is possible to list them as follows when examined in general;

  1. The products and goods to be imported and exported are first prepared correctly and made suitable for safe shipping. 
  2. Transportation plans are made for products and goods before customs clearance. In this regard, support can be obtained from professional transport companies such as XX Transport Company. 
  3. The containers are prepared and delivered to the loading port. 
  4. Documents are prepared in accordance with the customs regulations and procedures of the country that will carry out the export. 
  5. The customs declaration for the shipping process is filled in correctly. 
  6. Tests and inspections of products and goods are provided by the country to be exported, accompanied by the customs administration.
  7. At the end of this process, products and goods leave the customs territory of the exporting country. 
  8. At the last point, the export process is completed through the customs declaration. 

In summary, customs clearance procedures may seem easy. However, in order not to make mistakes, it is absolutely necessary to work with a person or organization that is an expert in the field of import and export. All necessary official paperwork and rules, including these procedures, are provided by the customs clearance companies to be served. 

When choosing a customs clearance company, first of all, the company's experience, past experiences and reference network should be looked at. As it is known that amateur customs clearance procedures can lead to serious damages and negative consequences, working with companies that do not dominate the field will harm both the budget and commercial activity. 

Corporate Customs Clearance Company

JOORAC Customs Clearance Logistics Company, with its expert team that has a global service network among customs clearance companies and follows experienced and continuous innovations, offers the fastest solution in import and export. Thanks to its wide reference network,  details and business information can be learned by negotiating with JOORAC Customs Clearance, which is frequently mentioned in the commercial world.

Within the framework of mutual agreement, customs clearance needs are met by JOORAC Customs Clearance Company. The process  is made easy both for the company receiving customs clearance services and  for the countries that can sometimes subject companies to harsh sanctions on import and export. 

If the customs clearance procedures are carried out correctly, the work can be completed within 10 days to 1 month. However, due to reasons such as document errors, possible customs developments of the relevant country, density in customs, the deadlines for customs clearance procedures may also be extended. JOORAC Customs Clearance; By providing a competent service in this regard, it supports companies in all kinds of issues from missing files, innovations that may cause negative effects, to the smooth completion of all transactions and completes the works quickly. 

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