Import & Export

Import and export service; It is a type of commercial service in which all the necessary stages and procedures to be followed in the process of selling or buying products and goods from one country to another country are provided by professional persons and institutions.  Through import and export services,  companies can manage all logistics needs of the type of storage, customs clearance, transportation for their products from a single roof.

In import and export transactions, it is imperative to act according to the laws and customs rules of each country. For this reason, it is useful for companies that will import and export to receive support from experienced organizations in the sector such as  JOORAC Import and Export Service Company in order not to cause any errors and not to disrupt their commercial activities.

In import and export service intermediations; Companies that do not have the authority to coordinate the power, time and work for this work should make sure that the institutions they will receive services support in order to avoid problems;

  1. It should be ensured that the institutions and organizations to be served are completely on the corporate infrastructure.
  2. It should be ensured that the logistics company that will provide the service has many years of experience in import and export and that it carries out correct and effective activities on a global scale. 
  3. It should be ensured that support can be obtained for any problems that may occur during the service and that the problems can be prevented with the right directions to be made by the institution. 

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Import Processes 

Imports include the proper purchase and retrieval of products from foreign countries that are needed to be imported. The steps of realization of this initiative, which is defined by different types such as importing, importing, importing, can be listed as follows;

  1. Products and goods are purchased and brought to the country in accordance with customs clearance rules. 
  2. Incoming products and goods are subject to customs supervision. Incoming products and goods must be kept under customs supervision until customs approval is obtained. 
  3. The process begins for the transport of the product or goods to the designated customs authority or to any place where delivery is planned. Since at this stage it is also necessary to be able to receive customs clearance and shipping support, it is useful to recommend a professional logistics company such as JOORAC. 

Export Processes 

Export, on the other hand, is a type of transaction that represents outgoing products, not incoming products in contrast to imports. Through exports, it is ensured that the products and goods produced in the country are delivered to the other countries that purchase these products and goods at certain stages. The export steps are as follows;

  1. First of all, preliminary negotiation, price negotiation and correspondence are provided for the product to be sold. 
  2. The payment method, the order type is negotiated and clarified with the receiving country and the export process is initiated. 
  3. The products to be exported are sent to the destination country with customs clearance and transportation steps in a convenient manner. 
  4. Taking into account the laws and customs rules determined by each country according to itself, the delivery stage of the export is started. 
  5. In order to ensure the smooth customs procedures according to the laws of the country,  help should be obtained from expert service support companies such as  JOORAC Customs Clearance Company.

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It is a known fact that the slightest problem that may be experienced in commercial activities will bring with it much bigger problems. For this reason, companies in need of import and export services; It should attach importance to the fact that the company with which they will carry out their operations  is a logistics company with professional staff such as JOORAC Import and Export Logistics Company.

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