Storage service; It is a type of service built on the need to provide convenience in the stocks of deteriorating, dangerous or objectionable products, especially those held in commercial life. The storage services provided under the logistics service class vary according to product groups and storage needs. 

In order to prevent financial damages due to problems that may occur with products and product stocks, professional storage service must be obtained. JOORAC Storage Company, which has high experience in the field of storage and has many references on a global scale, produces solutions for all needs in this field. 

Through the storage service ; companies, people and institutions that have the responsibility of keeping stocks can prevent problems such as stock loss and stock follow-up loss that arise over time due to high warehouse costs, complex warehouse layouts and unsuitable working style. Thanks to the corporate companies that provide professional services in the field for products and goods, efficiency is increased, costs are reduced and follow-up is facilitated.

Storage services can be classified according to weather conditions such as outdoor storage, indoor storage, cold storage. At the same time, there are also traditional warehouse, high-traffic warehouse, automatic warehouse types according to the product and the way the relevant person or institution works in storage services. 

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1. Outdoor Storage Service

Outdoor storage service; In general, it is ensured that the products and goods stored are stored openly according to the weather conditions of the region without hot or cold limitations. Products in open warehouses do not need protection from heat, cold or wetting. In this respect, they are not affected by weather events such as rain, sun, storms.

Although open-air warehouses are not closed structures, they are surrounded by structures that will protect the area such as wire mesh, walls, metal fences due to field security measures. Thus, while there is no environment limit for the stored products, security is achieved at the same time. For the outdoor storage needs  of its customers, JOORAC Storage company continues to serve and improve itself for many years. Examples of products that can be found in open-air warehouses can be given as follows;

  1. Scrap and metals,
  2. Machinery and tools,
  3. Bricks, stones and rocks,
  4. Recycling waste.

2. Closed Storage Service

Closed storage service, unlike outdoor storage service, is a type of storage service provided for closed structures and products that are suitable for being affected by weather conditions and daily weather events. JOORAC Storage Company, which provides storage services to the world in its sector despite the needs of closed storage, offers the best support in terms of optimization for the supply chain.

The purpose of the closed storage service is both to protect the products from weather events and to intervene in issues that require control such as temperature, coldness, humidity, high heat and light if necessary. Closed warehouses can have different types such as hot storage, cold storage specific to the products  . The products that can be kept in closed warehouses can be listed as follows;

  1. Foods that are prone to spoilage,
  2. Meats and specialty meat products,
  3. Responsive machinery and parts.

       2.1 Cold Storage

Cold storage service is classified as closed storage service.  Cold storage is a  special type of storage service and its primary purpose is to store the product to be stored in a cold way by protecting it from deterioration. Thanks to cold storages, the shelf life of products and goods and their commercial values can be protected. 

Due to the structure of the cold storage , it must be carefully prepared and the temperature and product should be monitored at regular intervals. At this point, working with XX Storage Company, which offers cold storage services with its experienced team, will be an effective solution for storage needs. Products and goods that can be kept in cold storage may be;

  1. Vegetable and fruit varieties,
  2. Meat and specialty meat products,
  3. Ice cream and derivative products,
  4. Medications.

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Types of warehouses; In addition to air conditioning options such as outdoor / closed, hot / cold, it can also be classified according to automation systems. Warehouses built on automated systems, especially traditional warehouses, warehouses with high transaction volumes and density are included in these classifications. Classifications in the storage service can be made as follows;

1. Traditional Warehouses

In the traditional warehouse service, the system is based on familiar structures and includes normal shelf layouts, forklift uses, various mechanical vehicle uses. In such warehouses, in addition to automated systems, experts in the field of storage take part and perform work in a way that is responsible for the preservation and security of products, stored goods. 

2. High Density Warehouses

In high-density warehouses, as can be understood from the definition, traffic is quite high. Vehicles such as Turret Truck are used for the entrances and exits to the warehouse, the flow of product placement and unloading at certain time intervals, more comprehensive shelf layouts and high shelves in these warehouses other than forklifts. For example, for online stores that constantly make sales and have to enter and exit products, these warehouses are preferred to protect the cost balance and to alleviate the workload.

3. Automatic Warehouses

In the automatic warehouse service, robots and machines compatible with the sector are used, the working systems of which work are fully automated. In this way, hand power decreases, and although the workload increases, warehouse work tracking is facilitated through computer-aided operations that will work automatically. 

Enterprise Storage Services

JOORAC Storage Company, which offers solutions to the needs in the field  of enterprise storage, provides convenience to companies, individuals and institutions through its Germany-based activity point. The priority of the services offered specifically according to the type of storage to be preferred; It is designed to protect the shelf life and commercial value of the product and to increase the commercial performance of the institution. 

 Thanks to JOORAC Storage Logistics Company, which provides services at a global level with the largest reference network among enterprise storage companies, there is a suitable service solution for all products that need stocking and storage. In order to make the right choice for its customers about storage, the necessary directions and studies are provided by JOORAC Storage Company after the negotiations. 

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