Transportation service is a type of service that involves the safe transportation of a commodity, mail or shipment requested to be delivered to the selected region, delivery with the appropriate procedure at the delivery address. In ancient times, logistics and transportation were recognized and accepted as a military concept and have survived to the present day.

Logistics and transportation; It has emerged from the basic needs of military units such as transportation, support and nutrition, and has become a huge service sector by constantly developing itself with new systems and new additions until the new era. The most common types of transportation known in the field of transportation are as follows;

  1. Transportation from house to house,
  2. Office transportation,
  3. Transportation of institutions and organizations, 
  4. Mail, shipment, transport of goods.

House-to-house shipping involves packing all of the items in a home and moving them to the destination home. If we consider the volume of goods for an average house, professional people or institutions should be worked with in order to prevent financial damages in the packaging and transportation process, one of the most important stages in house-to-house transportation.  

Office relocation service is a type of service that involves the relocation of offices belonging to companies to another region by specialized people and institutions.  Since there are usually technological products in office transportation, it is absolutely necessary to make sure that the service is reliable. 

Institution transportation; It is a type of service provided for the transportation of goods owned by institutions and organizations such as government offices, office chambers, public institutions, private organizations from one region to another region by being sure of their safety. 

Mail, shipment or product transportation service is the type of transportation service preferred by companies that regularly send transportation and special documents. The bulk product and shipment transportation systems of shipping companies do not appear to be suitable for special documents, special mailings and some products. For this reason, postal, shipment and product transportation services can be preferred.

Besides these, there are also different areas and types of transportation services. The types of transportation services are as follows;

  • Intercity transportation,
  • Urban transport,
  • International shipping.

It is seen that intercity transportation generally serves activities such as house-to-house transportation, corporate transportation. Goods, products or mail scheduled for delivery from one city to another city are transported safely. Urban transportation  is easier than other types of transportation in terms of distance and effort. International shipping, on the other hand, brings with it a larger transport work including these two activities. 

In international transport, the goods or mail for which carriage is required, the countries to be transported, the distances between these countries and the procedures to be followed during the transportation process are taken into account.  In order to prevent problems that may occur in international transportation, issues such as the rules and conditions set by countries on transportation, the transportation distance to be traveled, the goods and mails to be transported should be well planned. 

At this point, it is necessary to get support from a corporate and expert transportation company. With the values it has brought to the sector, the work experience it has gained and its ever-growing team, it is  possible to get support from JOORAC Transportation Company in international transportation.

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Intercity Transportation

Intercity transport service;  It involves the shipment being shipped from one city to a different planned city. In order to carry out a safe transportation in this service, the conditions of travel, transportation procedures, rules for the routes to be used must be taken into account. 

Since a random and inexperienced intercity transportation process may bring problems with it, necessary precautions and planning should be made in advance. JOORAC Transportation Company can be preferred both for the security of the shipment planned to be delivered and for an experienced intercity transportation  service.

City Transport

City transportation ranks first in terms of ease of service as it requires less distance and less labor than the other two types of transportation. In urban transportation service, as in intercity transportation, house-to-house transportation, office transportation, institution transportation, organization transportation, product transportation services are intense. 

Although the city transportation service seems easy, as with all other types of transportation, there are rules that require compliance and it is essential to start with good planning for a safe job. Irregular urban transportation attempts may result in financial losses such as damage to the goods and products transported. JOORAC Transportation Company, which can be preferred in urban transportation, provides transportation services with its professional team that constantly improves itself for 81 provinces of Turkey in urban transportation. 

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International Shipping

International shipping, on the other hand, requires great care to ensure security when moving from one country to another country for the shipment to which it is desired to be delivered.  International transportation is a transportation service that should definitely be taken by experts and institutions in the field. 

In an amateurish international transport,  shipments can be stolen, seriously damaged and confiscated in case of violation of the rules and procedures of the countries. In this respect, it is  imperative to get international transportation service from a professional institution such as JOORAC Transportation Company, which has a long history of experience in the field and has international competencies in the transportation sector.  

For international transportation service, global transportation service and derivative international transportation service searches, JOORAC Transportation Company, which has many years of competence in the sector, can be preferred. It is possible to reach JOORAC Transportation Company, which has many logistics and transportation services such as city transportation, intercity transportation, international transportation, storage with its talented and sector-dominated transportation staff, and to get detailed information for the service needed. 

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