What is Storage?
21 March 2018 Wednesday 17:13

What is Storage?

Storage services include stocking and keeping a store, or company, of its products coming from or going to certain points in a manner appropriate to protect and making them available for shipping. Storage can be done in closed areas as well as in cold storage, outdoor storage, hot storage  derivatives and thus can be accommodated in the most suitable environment for products in need of storage. 

 Thanks to storage, companies and organizations manage to achieve maximum efficiency for their products while minimizing warehouse costs. In this way, they get rid of cost and unnecessary expenses. In this respect, storage service also makes it easier for many sectors to provide more savings in terms of economy and labor.

Why is Storage Important?

 The answer to the question of why storage is important can be easily understood when the need to protect and store products safely in the logistics sector is considered.  The importance of storage is not only in the protection and storage of products,  but also in order to prevent companies and individuals from paying high fees to warehouses that will not be suitable for the product despite their storage needs, and to get the right service with the most appropriate type of storage for the products and goods in their hands. 

Thanks to storage services, the most suitable storage types can be found for every product and every product group, from corporate companies with high commercial transaction volume to legal entities that need small storage. In terms of the features and type of product, storage types may vary as closed storage, open storage and cold storage. Each type of warehouse has its own characteristics.

What Are the Types of Storage?

Storage types may vary according to the type and type of product. For example, while cold storage service is provided for products that may deteriorate in the heat, it is a kind of person that will not be damaged in the open air; for products such as scrap, metal, recycling waste, open storage service is preferred. When storage types are examined in general, they  can be classified as  cold storage, open storage  and closed storage.

1. Cold Storage

Cold storage service is preferred for products that may be damaged by heat. For example, products such as ice cream, cold drinks, meat and poultry products, fruits and vegetables are housed in cold storage areas, thus protecting both the commercial value and the quality of the product. 

2. Open Storage

Theproducts to be hosted in the outdoor storage service should be of a type that will not be affected by weather events such as rain, high solar temperature, cold weather. For example, metals, scrap, machinery and vehicles are housed in such open-air warehouses. 

3. Closed Storage

The list of products that can be kept in closed storage areas is quite extensive. In closed areas, room temperature, hot and cold air balance is maintained and thus a suitable environment is provided for the products that can be accommodated in this area. For example, products such as bananas, lemons and grapes from fruits and vegetables can be kept in closed storage areas as long as the room temperature is under control. 

How Much Are Storage Prices?

Storage prices may vary according to the type of storage needed. It would be best to get a special price from the storage companies according to the products and product volume available in closed warehouse, open warehouse or cold storage types.  You can reach JOORAC Storage Company, which has been professionally serving in the field of storage for many years, and learn the details of the storage service you need.


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